Rates are GOOD!

Have you ever missed out on an amazing deal, missed a great opportunity to buy a stock just before it went up, or held a stock too long? We’ve all been there and we’ve all kicked ourselves for not taking action sooner.

Well, don’t let it happen to you again. Mortgage rates are still really low right now but the window of opportunity is getting smaller with each passing week. As we’ve seen in the news recently, the Fed wants to start raising short-term interest rates. Their decision to postpone a rate increase earlier this month contributed to a decrease in rates recently, but rates will start to rise again as soon as the Fed takes action or signals that it intends to take action.

If you are in the market now for a new mortgage or if you think you will be in the market for a new mortgage next year – Let’s talk.

There are many new programs that weren’t available a few years ago. 

If you’re thinking of buying or refinancing your home, a second home, a vacation home or an investment property – Give me a call today. (Valerie 650-773-0247)

We want to help you get a mortgage! Click here to begin the application process, or call me at 650-773-0247 to contact us and discuss your situation.

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About valoliver

I was born in San Francisco, raised in San Mateo. I have three children. I have been in the Mortgage industry for over 30 years.
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