Too many questions??

Samuel Oliver and Mom Baby 001

My kids say I ask too many questions. I do. I try to help them when they don’t want my help. When I was their age my mom had no idea what I was doing. There was no email, texts, cell phones or any way to easily communicate besides phone. No wonder they needed Religion in those days. You had to pray that the kids would be ok and then let it go. You had no choice but to write letters and make calls once in a while. When I was 21 I traveled in Europe. I thought I was going to stay a year and ended up staying for almost three years. I called home once a month. I would pick up my letters from home at the American Express office. My mom would write me long letters. She said she would get up in the middle of the night when she couldn’t sleep and write. She wrote about the neighbors, people that I went to school with, church members, my family and menus. I remember saying to a boy I had met that I was going to tell her to stop writing all this news because it didn’t interest me. I read one of the letters to him and we laughed. He gave me some good advice. He said not to tell her that. She enjoyed writing the letters. It was cathartic for her to write while I was lost to Europe and she had no idea if I was ok. Now my 20 year old is in Europe and he is travelling all over the place in between school obligations. I want to know his itinerary. Is that unreasonable? I have to start praying I guess and let go. (A little)

About valoliver

I was born in San Francisco, raised in San Mateo. I have three children. I have been in the Mortgage industry for over 30 years.
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